20 Best Train Trips In Canada: Explore The Scenic Splendors

Are you up for some dazzling train trips in Canada? Are you a nostalgia admirer and love exploring the simplicity and beauty of the rail rides

Then you, my friend, have just hit the right article, as today we’ll help you find the best Canadian train trips

So yeah, if you’re a person who hails from the “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey” squad, then you really need to check out the article because your favorite Canada has got a lot to offer you when it comes to the breathtaking and soothing rail journeys. 

From the Polar bear Capital of the World, Churchill, to the lush mountains, oceans, and cosmopolitan delights of Vancouver to the funky food tours and culture-filled Montreal, Canada has it all. 

So sit back, relax, take a sip of your Coca-Cola, and keep reading the article right till the end to unveil the best of Canada.

Best Train Trips In Canada

1. Winnipeg To Churchill, Manitoba By VIA Rail

Ticket prices start from $ 160 CAD
Duration 2 Days 2 Nights
Miles covered in train 624 miles

Are you looking for a scenic rail trip where the destination would surprise you with the ever-lovely cute polar bears and beluga whales? 

Then this is the rail journey you’re looking for! 

But before you fall in love with the beauty of this Canadian trip, let me tell you this rail venture isn’t only a picture-perfect one, but it is also a history-enriched voyage where you’ll be provided with a digital app via which you can know about the ecological significance of the tourist attractions along the way. 

The entire research is carried out by the prestigious University of Manitoba, Assiniboine Park Zoo, and Churchill Northern Studies Centre, so the learning during the journey isn’t going to be a low-end one!

While your soul takes in the lush green vistas of the surrounding landscapes, Thompson and Weir River, lakes, forests, and eye-soothing prairies of Winnipeg from the train window, you’ll be delighted to know that VIA Rail has quite a few amazing amenities to offer you. 

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And yes, you always have the option to choose from Economy Class and Sleeper Plus Class (there’s no Prestige Class), though amenities may vary from package to package. For your convenience, we’ve listed some of their facilities below: 

  • Special utilities for passengers who’ve disabilities
  • A grand lounge where you can enjoy nature’s beauty more comfortably(for sleeper plus train passengers only)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • More eco-friendly
  • Comfy seats, clean washrooms
  • Well-maintained cabins, shower utilities(for sleeper plus train service)
  • Reliable baggage facilities with Insta-worthy large windows
  • Dining cars offer a wide range of meals, starting from the starter, main course, drinks, and snacks

And now that you’ve reached Churchill, the first thing you wouldn’t want to miss is to indulge in the unparalleled landscapes of Churchill. If you happen to visit during winter, you can even spot the cute belugas, arctic tundras, and polar bears. 

You are also in luck if you’re someone who admires kayaking amidst the waterbodies where beluga whales reside

The gem of Churchill is surely the exciting Northern lights, which will leave you in awe when the lights seem to dance with the tranquil vistas around, making it one of the best train trips in Canada.

2. Toronto To Vancouver By The Canadian

Ticket prices start from $ 1340 CAD.
Duration 4 Days 3 Nights
Miles covered in train 2084 miles

“The Canadian” is also a rail service regulated by the popular VIA rails, popularly known as one of the top train services. As soon as you board this train, you’ll be amazed by the blossoming moments of serenity and immense pleasure because Toronto boasts the best kind of scenic wonders in Canada

From the vast prairies, Rocky Mountains, waterfalls, lakes, hamlets, peaks, and forests to the sudden glimpse of beautiful wildlife like bears and deer, train trips from Toronto have it all that a rail lover could ever imagine. 

As for the train service, it offers an exuberant array of amenities for all three classes, namely, Economy Class, Sleeper Plus Class, and Prestige Class. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • Provides Private Lounges, cabin, food facilities with a dining car, complimentary beverages, minibar, flat screen TV, leather couch, private washroom, and concierges (applicable for Prestige Class only)
  • Skyline car so that passengers can soak in the views
  • Entertainment utilities like digital magazines, newspaper
  • Outdoor viewing arrangement (applicable for Sleeper Plus Class)
  • Variety of meal and snacking options

After the long scenic journey session, when you’ve landed in Vancouver, it’s time to explore the beauty of this trip. With proximity to both mountains and oceans, Vancouver welcomes you with all the amenities you have ever wished for

And, as food has always been my very first love, the first thing I was super pumped up about was trying out the famous walking food tour of Vancouver, where I relished some local favorite delicacies and drinks. 

Later, I enjoyed exploring the not-to-be-missed attractions like Vancouver Art Gallery, Science World, Stanley Park, Vancouver Aquarium, the diverse landscapes, and, of course, the entire ritzy vibe of Vancouver itself. 

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If these attractions aren’t your thing, then you can go for a scenic walk at the Vancouver Seawall, and I’m sure the time you’ll spend here amidst nature will be the most precious one you can ever have!

3. Vancouver To Jasper By Rocky Mountaineer’s Journey Through The Clouds

Ticket prices start from $ 2049 CAD
Duration 2 Days 1 Night
Miles covered in train 333 miles

As we know, Rocky Mountaineer has been popular for their commendable service and luxury train travel for a while now; the term “Journey through the clouds” basically refers to the name of the rail route that starts from Vancouver, moves through Kamloops, and finally stops at Jasper

The entire route features post-card-like views, which indeed is a treat to the eyes of every rail admirer. From the ever-iconic Hell’s Gate to the proudly standing Niagara Falls to the glaciers, river, Pyramid Falls, and magical views of the unending green landscapes, you’ll get a glimpse of paradise throughout the journey since the entire route gives you the feel as if mountains are stretching to the blue sky

You can also get to see desert-like landscapes and coastal rainforests on this picture-perfect train ride. 

My favorite part during this journey was admiring the beauty of the majestic Mount Robson just when the train was passing it by. Some amenities that you’ll get in this rail package are:

  • Provides appetizing three-course lunch
  • Features an audio presentation about the history and landmarks of Jasper
  • Features comforting carriage seats
  • Offers impeccable service and helpful staff throughout the journey 
  • It mainly offers two services, namely SilverLeaf and GoldLeaf.
  • SilverLeaf service includes oversized domed windows, offers hotel accommodation services, and serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the entire journey time.
  • GoldLeaf service includes full-length domed windows, an exclusive dining room serving the a La carte menu, and premium hotel accommodation facilities if any passenger wishes to stay overnight.

Lastly, when the surreal train journey comes to an end at the jazzy Jasper, remember to visit the most hyped ice climbing or go biking, rafting, or go for water sports, for which Jasper is famous. 

You can also go for a tour of the Jasper Planetarium and Telescope Combo or just admire the beauty of Maligne Lake while cruising; you’ll get a lot of options here at Jasper to curate your trip.

4. Montreal To Halifax By VIA Rail’s The Ocean

Ticket prices start from $ 183 CAD
Duration 1 Day 1 Night
Miles covered in train 492 miles

The Sin City, Montreal, has always been a haven for cultural admirers, but just to let you know that your favorite Montreal also has got some Instagrammable train routes that could just be enough to heal your soul

As the train moves through the designated railroad, you will see the clear blue waters hugging the lush green vistas and wide areas of greeneries

From the waters of Miramichi River to the beauty of the Gulf of St Lawrence (watch out, you might even spot whales here!) and the quaint Sugarloaf Mountain, all of these make the rail venture even more enjoyable

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But the real flex of this rail journey can only be seen during the Fall when the leaves of the surrounding nature indulge in heavenly shades of color play from orange to golden to yellow and red

As for the train, The Ocean is one of the oldest serving trains in Canada, with high-end and promising services. Take a look at the following to know what facilities The Ocean has for you:

  • Features blissful views of lighthouses and seascapes, and the routes also include cute remote communities with French Canadian and Acadian locals
  • Offers 40-degree reclining seats (If you are on a budget, you can go for the Economy class)
  • The Economy class provides utilities like a coffee shop, Lounge area, and outdoor observation platform; thus, it is still an excellent option to select.
  • Features power outlet in every seat so you can buy pillow set or blanket from The Skyline car 
  • The sleeper plus class offers restaurant car Skyline lounge and also provides access to Park car bars (but access is limited)
  • The Prestige class offers deluxe private rooms and shower facilities with full access to the park car dome and bar. 
  • It offers way more stops.
  • Provides free Wi-Fi
  • Features downloadable audiobook and podcast 
  • Allows you to take a carry-on item along with you.

Overall, to someone who’s an admirer of the blue waters, this trip to Halifax is going to be a gem for them. Halifax offers the surreal Peggy’s Cove, waterfront warehouses, and Halifax harbourfront

For history enthusiasts, Halifax has the ethereal Halifax Citadel National Historic Site and the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, and for nature freaks, it offers the Halifax Public Garden

5. Ontario To Quebec By VIA Rail’s Corridor

Ticket prices start from $ 252 CAD
Duration 1 Day 1 Night
Miles covered in train 2553 miles.

Well, if you’re under the impression that Ontario is only about the misty torrents of Niagara Falls and jaw-dropping museums, then you, my buddy, are highly mistaken because Ontario boasts some of the finest train routes and thus made a clear-cut entry on our top list of train trips in Canada

With rolling grasslands, forests, hills, Provincial Park lakes, and eclectic natural diversity, this is the rail journey that celebrates nature’s beauty with timeless grace and evergreen vistas

And it’s worth mentioning VIA Rail Canada is always a name of trust, so it’s a no-brainer that their Corridor train service is also determined to provide quality services to passengers. Let’s take a glance at the services they offer:

  • Gives access to free Wi-Fi
  • Provides the opportunity to visit the bustling centers of Canada, yet the biggies, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal 
  • Provides sockets and power outlets so that passengers can charge their Smartphones and device 
  • Features light meals and snacks, but as for economy class, they are only available for spot purchase. 
  •  It provides travel essentials within an amenity kit, but it only applies to Business class.
  • Features a special Quiet Zone for travelers who like to enjoy the views within a silent and peaceful place 
  • Business class passengers can get access to business lounges. 
  • The Corridor also provides an affordable service known as the Escape Fare; it offers fine seating arrangements, complimentary Wi-Fi, food and drink, and entertainment utilities.
  • It offers entertainment facilities with selected TV shows, movies, music, etc. 

And voila, now that you’ve reached your destination, the lovely Quebec, don’t forget to try out the local Bagels, Poutines, and Crepes because Quebec has a whole regime of food scene

You can also enrich your itinerary with a Quebec City walking tour, shopping, or visiting picture-perfect historical sites like the Plains of Abraham, the Museum of Civilization, or the stunning Place Royal

The one that I personally admired in Quebec was the surreal Montmorency Falls, where I got the opportunity to make some killer reels and clicks.

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6. Coast To Coast By VIA Rail

Ticket prices start from $ 10,080 CAD.
Duration 19 Days 18 Nights
Miles covered in train 3000 miles.

Okay, so if you’re a hella pro rail lover, then you shouldn’t afford to miss this one! The Coast to Coast train service basically refers to the fact that the train trip will span from the entire Atlantic Ocean, aka the East Coast, to the coastal beauty, the Pacific Ocean, aka the West Coast

This service beautifully crafted train trips, including imminent stops like Icefields Parkway, Toronto, Halifax, Lake Louise, Jasper, Kamloops, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Quebec City, Banff, Montreal, and Vancouver, with guided activities and scenic tours along the way. 

Some amenities offered during the long train journey by the VIA Rail’s The Canadian are as follows:

  • Features incredible stops like Peggy’s Cove, Niagara Falls, and Lake Louise
  • Offers the best Canadian train trips with sleeper accommodations
  • Provides meals from popular local diner
  • Provides electronic travel document
  • Accompanies in train station transfers
  • Elite breakfast services
  • All three classes serve free Wi-Fi
  • Features entertainment activities like high-end video content
  • Offers additional viewing areas (for Sleeper Plus and Prestige Class only)

You can also take up Rocky Mountaineer for this train expedition.

The entire journey of this coast-to-coast rail gateway is so magical that even words would fall short of describing its unmatched beauty with the surrounding mountains, oceans, and mild climate. 

You can go for the North Shore Whistler Day tour, bless your lungs with the Rockies’ fresh air, or take a stroll near the Bow River; each activity on this trip will ensure you get the perfect one-of-a-kind train tour. 

Some other highlights of the itinerary are as follows:

  • Going out for a Lake Cruise
  • Exploring the exciting Gondola
  • Canoeing at Lake Louise or just admiring the Glacier-clad peak with the turquoise water
  • Trying out the Six Glaciers helicopter tour and uplifting the enjoyment of your vacations by rail day trip

7. Calgary To Canadian Rockies By Royal Canadian Pacific

Ticket prices start from $ 14000 CAD
Duration 5 Days 4 Nights
Miles covered in train 509 miles

Now, Royal Canadian Pacific isn’t only famous for its royal rail utilities, but it also offers scenic routes to make your train journey as lovely as ever. 

Also, if you happen to be a history buff, the rail expedition through Calgary would be something you have been hunting for. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the craggy peaks of the Rocky Mountains and the surprising changes in the landscapes, which absolutely left me astounded. 

As for the train service, take a look at the following to know about the facilities you will get:

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  • Allows facilities to customize your rail journey
  • Provides helpful staff for Customer support
  • Provides detailed knowledge of the routes that are being visited
  • Offers evening turn-down service
  • Offers 5-star hospitality and high-quality meal arrangement
  • Allows passengers to enjoy off-train adventures
  • Offers well-stocked bar
  • Offers lounge cars that feature live music
  • Features historical carriages
  • Provides luxurious stay facilities with private cabins, high-quality washrooms, and comfy beds

And who on Earth isn’t a fan of the Canadian Rockies, right? 

Be it the eye-soothing Sunshine Village, the serene lake Minnewanka, the Yoho National Park of Canada, the adrenaline-filled Banff gondola and National Park, the Columbia Icefield Skywalk, or the Athabasca Falls, the party never ends here at the Canadian Rockies. 

This destination of your train trip definitely has something for every traveler. I opted for the popular Canmore Cave Tours, and trust me, this indeed gave me the vibe of an exemplary adventure, and when I say this, it’s worth a try!

8. Alaska To Yukon Via White Pass & Yukon Route

Ticket prices start from $ 142 CAD (adults)
Duration 2.5-2.75 hours
Miles covered in train 28 miles

Are you an adventure freak and looking for some adrenaline-filled train trips in Canada? Then it is your rail adventure to be! 

The exciting part of the rail trip is right when the train starts rising at a gut-churning high altitude. Also, the trestles, tunnels, gorges, and rolling hill routes of this gem-like narrow-gauge railroad, White Pass & Yukon Route, will truly give you the vibe of the gold rush era and will forever hold a special memory in your heart for sure. 

The White Pass Summit excursion train mainly operates the train trips on this historical and adventurous route. Let’s take a look at what amenities you’ll get on this train:

  • Offers vintage passenger coaches
  • Features incredible landmarks like Bridal Veil Falls 
  • Provides wheelchairs for passengers who have mobility issues
  • Features lift-equipped cars
  • Requires no passport
  • Provides complimentary bottled water and light meal

Upon your arrival at the serene Yukon, the first stop you should opt for is to go for the local eateries

My take was on the Burnt Toast Cafe; the coffee I devoured at this place was one of the finest ones I had till now. 

Yukon boasts a lot of parks and wildlife scenes, so you can also include them in your trip. My favorites were the Kluane National Park and Reserve, Sign Post Forest, Dawson City Museum, and, of course, the Yukon Wildlife Preserve.

9. Cochrane To Moosonee By The Polar Bear Express

Ticket prices start from $ 64.35 CAD (round trip). 
Duration 5 hours
Miles covered in train 247 miles

Are you looking for a train expedition that’ll take you through some unique yet eye-soothing landscapes? 

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Then it is the Canadian train trip that you should definitely give a try! 

Throughout the journey, you will witness panoramic views of winding rivers, lush green forests, unparalleled landscape, and paths that still signifies the essence of the work of fur traders who used to work centuries ago. 

Cochrane might be a tiny City, yet it still boasts a lot of beautiful vistas to make your train journey as awesome as ever. As for the rail ride, let’s take a look at the following to know what amenities they offer:

  • Offers refreshment services, which range from snacks to beverages
  • Offers platform for outdoor scene viewing 
  • Features entertainment utilities like presentations and movies, but it may vary from economic class to coach class 
  • Special sitting arrangements like Lounge cars and Dom cars are also available 
  • It provides spacious train seats and windows
  • Offers high-quality luggage facilities
  • The journey includes incredible sightseeing with wildlife at certain places 

Lastly, when the train trip ends, and you arrive at the mesmerizing Moosonee, don’t worry because you now have even more options to fulfill your excursion with lots of unforgettable memories

The first thing you would want to try out in Moosonee is to go out for a tour in the historic waters of James Bay Coast, or go fishing at the Moose River, explore the polar bear Habitat and Heritage Village, wander about the Tidewater Provincial Park or just going out for camping, this venture in Canada by train will surely entice you in various magical ways.

10. Sault Ste. Marie To Agawa Canyon Wilderness Park By Agawa Tour Train

Ticket prices start from $ 140 CAD
Duration 90-minute
Miles covered in train 114 miles

Are you a kickass traveler and looking for some exciting yet charming train trips in Canada that’ll be the perfect one to cater to your desires? Then it is the one you need! 

Sault Ste. Marie is always known for its cultural heritage, yet the train route it serves boasts beautiful dramatic landscapes and waterfalls, stunning trails that enhance the beauty of nature, and even wildlife scenes like beavers can also be spotted during this rail trip. 

You can also spot wild rivers, mountains, and forests from your train window along the route. Some amenities that are offered at the Agawa Canyon Tour train are listed as follows:

  • Features comfortable seats with tables attached
  • Passengers can also get access to vending machines
  • For passengers to take snaps even more conveniently, they also feature an Outdoor platform
  • It provides a Cafe car by which you can purchase your desired snacks, meals, or beverages 
  • Offers both air conditioners and heaters for the convenience of passengers
  • It provides a headset that plays audio by which you can learn about the history of the train trip

And yeah, to anyone who’s an adventure fanatic, the Agawa Canyon Wildness Park trip is just the perfect one that you’ve been looking for. 

You can go for hiking trails; popular ones are the Lookout Trail, the Otter Creek Trail, and the River Trails. It is also one of the easy train trips that Canada owns because it only requires a 90-minute train ride.

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11. Seattle To Lake Louise By Rocky Mountaineer

Ticket prices start from $ 2539 CAD
Duration 3 Days 2 Nights
Miles covered by train 382 miles

Home to funky nightlife, happening Broadway shows, and world-class culinary, Seattle isn’t only about these hyped scenes, but it is also a great itinerary for rail lovers to go on a train journey

Some spectacular array of scenery can be spotted during the trip, especially when the train passes the route of the Pacific Coast, alpine forests, pine-clad slopes, cascading mountains, and unending fields of green; what else can a rail admirer ask for, right? 

As for the train, the Rocky Mountaineer mainly runs from Seattle to Banff via Vancouver, Kamloops, and Lake Louise. Let’s take a glance at the following to know what facilities they offer:

  • Meals (Breakfast and lunch) are provided in both SilverLeaf and GoldLeaf packages. 
  • GoldLeaf carriages offer glass domed roofs from where travelers can spot wildlife, starting from big horn sheep, black bears, ospreys, grizzlies, and many more. 
  • Features huge Windows for better sightseeing 
  • Facilitates Hotel accommodation
  • Offers snacks and beverages throughout the journey (hang on, they even provide Canadian Okanagan wine)
  • Features dining cars with massive windows and a 3-course menu(applicable for GoldLeaf services only) 

This trip’s final destination, Lake Louise, is something that’ll surely tug the heartstrings of nature enthusiasts. 

Popular attractions here are the Lake Louise gondola, the Saddleback route, the Beehive, the mesmerizing Fairview Lookout (it’s a not-to-be-missed), and last but definitely not least, the Lake Agnes Tea House

12. Vancouver To Quesnel By Rocky Mountaineer’s Rainforest To Gold Rush

Ticket prices start from $ 4450 CAD
Duration 5 Days 4 Nights
Miles covered in train 373 miles

The name Rainforest to Gold Rush itself is enough to create great hype among rail lovers, right? But it is not only the name that’s exciting but also the interesting combination of routes that this train package features. 

From sea to heavenly blue sky, lakes to terrains, this route has got nature enthusiasts covered. What I found the most mesmerizing during this train trip was the iconic beauty of the Fraser River Valley

The Rainforest to Gold Rush route starts at Vancouver, passes through Whistler, and finally reaches Quesnel. Let’s check out the facilities offered on the rail trip: 

  • Features guided cultural activities
  • Provides premium luggage handling services 
  • Offers complimentary motor coach
  • Offers meals that are prepared by renowned onboard chefs
  • The host narrates interactive stories and highlights of the rail region 
  • Offers high-quality hotel services 

Upon reaching the quirky Quesnel, remember to check out the Barkerville Brewing Co. because they made me fall for their Red Tomato Pie Pizza

But yes, if you want to level up your train trip game, then you should visit the famous game shop of Quesnel, K-max Games & Videos

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Other attractions that I loved exploring and would recommend you add to your bucket list are the Carib Theatre, Quesnel Fraser River Foot Bridge, and Quesnel Art Gallery and Gift Shop.

13. Vancouver To Kamloops By Rocky Mountaineer’s First Passage To The West

Ticket prices start from $ 2182 CAD
Duration 3 Days 2 Nights
Miles covered in train 158 miles

So, if you’re super excited to explore Vancouver like never before, this is the train trip you need to check out. 

The highlights of this rail journey for me were the spiral tunnels along the path, the dramatic vistas of the Canyon, the rushing waters of Hell’s Gate, and the ever-gorgeous view of snow-capped mountains

The Rocky Mountaineer’s First Passage To The West mainly follows the route from Vancouver and reaches the eastward beauty, aka Kamloops. 

If you want to extend the trip, you can also finish off at Banff or Lake Louise. Let’s check out the facilities that the train offers:

  • Provides accommodation services
  • Allows you to customize and design your itinerary with the activities that you select
  • Offers gourmet cuisine
  • Provides refined services to serve passengers in case of any inconvenience
  • Offers educational narration throughout the journey, elaborating the rich history of the itineraries
  • Facilitates a separate dining area for customers who’ve taken the GoldLeaf service
  • SilverLeaf service also features large, ritzy windows, though that’s a bit less supreme than the GoldLeaf one, but not that bad either. Travelers can still take in the views of the unreal landscapes conveniently.

The first and foremost thing that I would recommend you to do, and which you shouldn’t be missing upon reaching the scenic Kamloops, is to go near the Thompson River and watch the one-of-a-kind sunset view from there. 

It is because as soon as the multi-shaded red-orange-yellow shadow of the sun falls into the pristine water, the entire ambiance looks so heavenly that it seems like you’re actually seeing and standing in front of a river filled with liquid gold

Other attractions here include the BC Wildlife Park, which is indeed a wilderness retreat, the Kamloops Art Gallery, the heavenly beautiful Riverside Park, and my favorite Kamloops Heritage Railway, a railway museum.

14. Montreal To Quebec City By VIA Rail’s Canada Eastern Rail Classic

Ticket prices start from $ 2290 CAD
Duration 5 Days 4 Nights
Miles covered in train 156 miles

What?! You’re on a Canadian rail venture and still don’t know about the popular Montreal to Quebec City train trip? Is that even possible? Surely not! 

So yeah, indulge in the beauty of the mega Montreal as the serene scenes from the train make your heart beat a bit faster. 

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Be it Nova Scotia’s cute villages, the wonderful coastline, or just watching the game plays of the clouds in the melting blue sky amidst the countryside greeneries right from your window, the charm and enchantment of this rail ride are sure to resonate in your soul as you continue to traverse the railroad. 

Some amenities you’ll get on the train trip are:

  • Features overnight train
  • Offers premium accommodation selection
  • Speaking of premium, the Sleeper Plus Class provides a whopping range of luxe facilities available for private cabin
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout with offering food that’ll be a best friend to your tummy

After the long yet beautiful journey from all the way through Montreal, you hit your destination trip, Quebec City, and you’ll surely be on cloud nine because this place has more than a dozen unique activities to offer you. 

You have the option of black bear watching, or you can go for a whale-watching boat tour or traverse the lovely fortress La Citadelle de Quebec; you’ll find many things to do on your Quebec trip.

15. VIA Rail’s Ultimate Canadian Rockies by Rail

Ticket prices start from $ 5290 CAD
Duration 10 Days 9 Nights
Miles covered in train 1025 miles

So, if you’re on the hunt for a hella train experience, that could just be the perfect one with that all-in-one vibe in it, this is the one you’re looking for. 

With the serene vistas right from your train’s seat, and while indulging in the luxurious services of the Rocky Mountaineer, you’ll get several itinerary options starting from Banff, Jasper, and Vancouver. 

Not only that, but you’ll also get the chance to hop on VIA Rail, where the package will allow you to have private cabins, making it one of the best train trips in Canada. Let’s take a look at what other facilities this train trip package has for you!

  • Provides private cabins while you admire the beauty of the Canadian Rockies from the large windows.
  • The train runs through scenic mountainous routes, where you can even spot elk and bald eagles, making the experience of your journey a notch higher. 
  • Complimentary free Wi-Fi
  • Meals with exclusive dietary options
  • Features dome cars so passengers can view the mesmerizing sites throughout the journey more comfortably (but yes, facilities may vary from Class to Class).

As you reach the final destination, you can go for activities like guided nature strolls, explore the jiggly Jasper’s beauty via motorcycle sidecar tours, kayak at the famous Maligne Lake, enjoy Jasper’s SkyTram, or go for the Jasper’s Wildlife and Waterfalls tour, each of the activity is sure to fill your heart with pleasure.

16. Vancouver To Banff Via Essential Rockies By Train Trip

Ticket prices start from $ 3590 CAD
Duration 6 Days 5 Nights
Miles covered in train 590.4 miles

The experience of seeing the dreamland of Vancouver throughout a train journey levels up a step higher when you hop on the Essential Rockies by train trip

Just the moment the train started passing the magnificent waterfalls and greeneries of forests, I felt like this was the dang trip I’d been longing for since the entire scenes of the route were genuinely wholesome

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But what amenities did I get on the train? There you go:

  • Exceptional hospitality with friendly and fun host on board
  • Be it SilverLeaf or GoldLeaf, you’re sure to get first-class food
  • Features Rocky Mountaineer’s daylight train so you can see all the nature scenes without any worry of getting dark
  • Includes hotel services
  • Features exclusive dining rooms with helpful staff

Finally, after your scenic detailed railed journey, when you arrive at Banff, some really Insta eye candy vistas await you there. 

There’s the guided wildlife safari tour, many popular food tours, a national park called the Cave and Basin National Historic Site, and my top pick, the Tunnel Mountain trail; this itinerary is always bustling with something happening. 

What made me even happier was a peaceful stroll at the calming Cascade of Time Garden. I also enjoyed my me-time while sitting for some time near the pristine Vermilion Lakes.

17. Calgary To Vancouver Via Canadian Rockies Voyage By Train

Ticket prices start from $ 2690 CAD
Duration 6 Days 5 Nights
Miles covered by train 419 miles.

With unforgettable views along the route, the specialty of Canadian Rockies Voyage by Train mainly lies in the amenities that it offers in its Sleeper Plus class

Apart from that, throughout the journey, you not only get to see greenery around, but you can also spot lakes, glaciers, mountainous towns, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and many more. 

You can also combine the Canadian and Rocky Mountain sleeper trains during this itinerary. Let’s find out what utilities you’ll get by the VIA Rail’s Canadian train:

  • Features couch-like seats (applicable for Semi-Private Berth in Sleeper Plus Class only)
  • Offers pull-out beds
  • Provides private toilet and sink facilities
  • Features comfortable armchairs in a private cabin
  • Offers pre-meal appetizers, leather couch, extra-large windows, Murphy bed for two (applicable for Prestige Class with Sleeper Cabin Suite)

Upon arrival, the velvety Vancouver welcomes you with open arms, and you might have known by now Vancouver is the vault of happening activities and a true haven for travelers. 

From the sunset whale watching excursion, the Butchart Garden Tour, the VanDusen Botanical Garden, the picturesque Bloedel Conservatory, or the kids’ haven Vancouver Aquarium, this trip is the perfect one for you to enjoy with your friends and family because it has something or the other for travelers of every age group owing different tastes. 

18. Jasper To Prince Rupert By VIA Rail

Ticket prices start from $ 154 CAD
Duration 1 Day 1 Night
Miles covered in train 678.8 miles

VIA Rail is always a name of perfection when it comes to Canadian train trips. So yeah, when you hop on the train from Jasper, you’ll find many diverse landscapes following you throughout the journey with facilities that will leave you in awe

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Glassy lakes, agricultural fields, a dozen wildlife sightings, dots of sparkling waters, sawmills, and vintage steel-sided carriages, what’s not there to love about the route, right? 

Take a look at the following to know what facilities await you on the train:

  • Includes exciting host commentaries
  • It gives access to a panoramic car
  • Provides souvenirs for on-spot purchase
  • Features comfy and spacious seats
  • Provides on-spot purchase of food, drink, and snacks at affordable prices

And now that you’ve reached the cute city of Prince Rupert, don’t miss out on the eclectic Sunken Gardens Park, the Rushbook Trail for some fantastic hiking, the stunning Pacific Mariners Memorial Park, and the most demanding Price Rupert Adventure Tour

When it is your take on the fun things to do, Prince Rupert has a lot to offer you so that you can design your trip exactly the way you want. 

Since mountains have always been something I admire, I opted for Mount Hay, and the jaw-dropping vistas from the mountain peak were way too scenic to explain. 

The aesthetically beautiful Totem Park and Ice House Gallery were also my favorites and absolutely added tinsel of joy to my itinerary.

19. Canadian Rockies And West Coast By VIA Rail’s The Canadian

Ticket prices start from $ 6090 CAD.
Duration 11 Days 10 Nights
Miles covered in train 1180 miles.

Starting the route from the twinkling Toronto, The Canadian service offered by the VIA Rail lets you enjoy your train trip with all the luxuries you would ever dream of on your rail journey

Along the way, you’ll see serene mountainous regions, gorges, waterfalls, and valleys, and if you’re lucky enough, you can even spot big horn sheep. Let’s take a glance at the amenities offered by The Canadian:

  • Features Hollywood movies like large train windows
  • Provides activity car for entertainment
  • Provides luxury cabins (Prestige Class passengers only)
  • Exclusive dome cars (Sleeper Plus and Prestige Class passengers only)
  • Free Wi-Fi

There are more than a hundred attractions you can see on the final destination, West Coast. 

And let me tell you, you’ll be in a treat upon reaching the West Coast if you’re a hardcore nature enthusiast since the waterfalls here are something no one should ever afford to miss. 

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From the quaint forests to the dreamy-blue glacier lakes, beaches, Haida totem poles, panoramic mountainous vistas, picturesque mossy cedars, the views from the Pacific Ocean’s coastline, or just being an adventure freak and going camping or fishing, the West Coast and Canadian Rockies ain’t going to fall short in any way to impress you. 

20. Rocky Mountaineer’s Complete Canadian Rockies by Rail

Ticket prices start from $ 4180 CAD
Duration 8 Days, 7 Nights
Miles covered in train 419 miles.

Now, this is undoubtedly one of the best train trips in Canada because of the luxe services you’ll get in Rocky Mountaineer. The Complete Canadian Rockies by Rail is basically the ultimate train service package that gives you the option to traverse from both the eastbound and the westbound

Be it the resort haven Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Calgary, or the bustling and energetic Vancouver, this package has it all for you! 

Not only do you have a wide range of itinerary options to select for your train trip, but you’ll also get travel experts accompanying you on how to design your excursion in the best possible way by suggesting the top activities to do. 

It is one of the best-selling train packages in recent years and has won awards for its uncompromised service

Oh, and how can I forget to mention the top-notch amenities of this Canadian train trip? There you go; take a look at the following to know what awaits in the train journey for you!

  • With a leisurely and comforting pace, it highlights the Rockies throughout the journey.
  • Features a wide variety of options to suit multiple preferable budget ranges of travelers.
  • You can customize and personalize your trip by selecting your desired guided activities.
  • It provides personalized Fresh Tracks Canada customer support service.
  • Provides fine dining experience
  • It includes hotel accommodation too.
  • It features breathtaking stops where you can get off the train and wander about the unique sites, beautiful cities, and national parks.

What more can a rail lover ask for, right? 

Moreover, since Rocky Mountaineer runs daylight touring trains, it’s a win-win situation for travelers as they can enjoy their ride to the fullest and admire the vistas during daylight. 

As for the guided activities, there’s horseback riding, canoeing, delicious food tours, hikes, spa facilities, and most importantly, you can take snaps of the surrounding emerald lakes, glaciers, forests, and even unique wildlife scenes.

12 Tips First-Timers Should Consider On Canadian Train Trip

1. Be Punctual

Remember to arrive at your designated train station at least an hour prior to the departure of the train.

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2. Keep Your Documents Organized

Keep your travel documents separate so that when required, you can easily get access to them.

3. Get Printouts Or PDFs Of Your Ticket

It’s always better to get the printed hard copies of your tickets, but yes, online documents on your smartphones can also work.

4. Get Your Identification Sorted

Ensure you have a valid photo ID because you’ll need one during check-in.

5. Keep Your QR Code Safe

Ensure that the QR code on your online ticket or hardcopies isn’t distorted since you’ll need this during check-in.

6. Know The Luggage Policy

Luggage handling might not be available for every other train, so it’s always best to check out the website before confirming your train package.

7. Choose The Train Service Wisely

Select your train package wisely depending on your budget, quality services, and, of course, preference.

8. The Lighter The Happier

Once, a mentor of mine said the heavier the baggage, the harder it gets to travel. And that’s the very tip that we’ve for you at number eight. (if you know, you know, so pack strategically!)

9. Know Your Routes

Always get precise information about which route your rail ride will be taking through. 

10. Interact With Fellow Passengers

Don’t forget to socialize and greet your fellow passengers because most of the rail trips of Canada continue for more than a day. So, the more you interact with people, the better vibe of traveling you’re likely to get.

11. Convert Your One To Two

Well, solo travelers always prefer a single cabin; there’s absolutely no issue with that. But here’s the catch! 

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Even if you’re a solo traveler, you should opt for a room of two because this will indeed make a huge difference in your experience, making things way more comfortable and manageable for you! (and trust me, you’re going to thank me later for this one.)

12. Book Earlier

You have to book earlier because the earlier you book, the more chances you’ve to get cheaper rates.


What is the best rail trip across Canada?

The popular Coast to Coast by Train is the best rail trip across Canada for the unparalleled and zero-compromised facilities it offers. It provides the best sightseeing, like Niagara Falls, throughout the route, with the combination of the luxurious train service of Rocky Mountaineer and amenity-filled VIA Rail’s Sleeper Plus Class. However, the Royal Canadian Pacific’s rail trip is also a strong contender because it offers premium services like a fully stocked bar along the trip.

Are Canadian train trips worth it?

Yes, Canadian train trips are absolutely worth it because they not only let you have a spectacular traveling experience but also let you visit certain places that can’t be accessed easily by road.

What is the best time of year for a Canadian train trip?

Winter is the best time of the year for Canadian trips because tickets are cheaper than high season, and you are also likely to get a smaller crowd. The bonus is you also get to witness the beautiful snowy views of Canada during the winter season.

Are trains expensive in Canada?

No, not all Canadian trains are expensive since there are reasonably priced rail trips as well, like the Montreal to Toronto trip, where the pricing starts at $ 61 CAD only. Train tickets are more expensive than bus ones yet cheaper than flying.

In Closing: Best Train Trips In Canada

So yay, that was all of it from us today on the best train trips in Canada

Well, when you’re on a rail expedition, nothing can beat the aura of Canadian rail journeys because they are not only a treat for the eyes but also provide us with a unique experience of a lifetime

But yes, remember to check out the luggage policy and train schedule beforehand because you don’t want to get into any hassle or get stuck for an overweight suitcase at the station. 

And, while you’re on the train excursion, don’t forget to tip the staff serving you because these little things and contributions can make a magical difference, and who knows, this little gesture might help you to get an even better stay on your rail ride. Happy train traveling! Sayonara!

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