5 Interesting Types of Historic Buildings Around the World

The buildings that surround us are a part of the travel experience. Think about how different a modern city looks when compared to historic areas of London or Edinburgh. A lot of us love the experience of seeing all of the buildings and even the way the houses, stores, and everyday buildings were built hundreds of years ago.

In this guide, we’re exploring some of the most interesting types of historic buildings to check out when you visit different cities around the world. For those who have the travel bug, each new city represents a chance to walk around and see something interesting.

Fascinating Historic Buildings Around the Globe

A few different types of historic buildings tend to be the best options for interesting architecture and prove to be gems in the crown of their cities…

interesting buildings


Casinos can be some of the more interesting buildings, often with interesting stories from history, especially in locations where gambling has been allowed for a long time. Monaco’s Casino de Monte Carlo is an incredible example of a stunning building, in the Belle Époque style of architecture, set in a stunning location with an adjoining Opera (this was added later). Monaco has always been associated with the casino industry as well as having some beautiful architecture.

Even the Las Vegas strip has some incredible examples of casinos you may have seen hundreds of times on screen, these lavish buildings are fascinating from an architectural and historic standpoint.

Of course, the world has changed when it comes to gambling and the use of casinos. There are still places to go and play games like blackjack and poker tournaments, but people also have the choice to play mobile poker for real money on smartphones, so in-person casinos don’t play the exact same role anymore. For those who play casino games online, it is interesting to see the development from in-person casinos that are hundreds of years old, through to the options we carry around in our pockets.

Concert Venues

Many cities are known for their history of music. If you visit Eastern European cities, you can head to some of the oldest concert halls ever, known for their amazing acoustics and being places where the likes of Mozart performed. It is interesting to think of the incredible journey of these venues from classical genres to the pop and rock bands that visit today.

Historic venues are some of the most interesting buildings in cities like Prague and Vienna. They’re well worth a visit, especially for fans of classical music. Vienna even has the nickname “City of Music”.

Houses of Worship

The historic and cultural impact of houses of worship cannot be underestimated, and there are an incredible number of them in countries where religion plays a big role.

For instance, some of the most impressive UNESCO heritage sites are houses of worship, including the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Tournai, the Mahabodhi Temple in India, and the 402-acre spanning Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia.

houses of worship

Virtually every city has some form of historic house of worship, cathedrals, mosques, and other historic buildings, and most will welcome tourists with open arms. It doesn’t matter whether you practice the religion or not, these can be stunning sites and feats of human history. They help to tell the story of humanity.

Any Ancient Building

Most people agree that the ancient period covers 3000 BCE through to AD 500. Any buildings that have survived this period are likely to be truly incredible to visit. This is one of the reasons why people are keen to visit areas such as Greece, where so much of ancient civilization can still be seen.

Ancient buildings that have survived thousands of years are inevitably going to give an insight into how life used to be back in those eras. Greek ancient ruins are incredible examples and provide a snapshot of history. Buildings like colosseums, temples, and even the ruins of ancient towns and villages can be among the most interesting sites, regardless of how intact they are.

We know that Greece is a hub for ancient buildings, plenty of other countries boast ancient buildings with interesting stories. Chichén Itzá was a ceremonial hub for ancient Mayan civilizations, and it is well worth visiting if you are in Mexico.


A lot of the oldest skyscrapers were created long before any of us were born. They are not historic buildings in the same ways as many colosseums or temples are, but they still have a lot of interesting history.

America is one of the greatest places to see skyscrapers and there were a huge number built between 1884 and 1945, often in the cities of New York and Chicago. Many are feats of engineering and can provide an opportunity not just to visit but to go in and see what it is like from the top.

skyscrapers as modern buildings

Many people think of skyscrapers as modern buildings, but the Empire State Building, arguably the most famous of all, is almost 100 years old now. Visiting a city with these kinds of high-rise buildings? Some of them are definitely worth exploring if you get the chance.


Architecture and historic buildings give us an insight into how life used to be. In terms of records of human history, there are very few things as valuable and interesting as the buildings that people used to inhabit and use (and sometimes still do). Many of them were built hundreds or even thousands of years ago, and taking them in can be a key part of traveling.

Whenever you get the chance to take in a historic building, there is something to be learned from the trip, and amazing photo opportunities, too!