5 Self-Care Rituals to Improve Body Image

Self-esteem, self-image, body image – these are all related but different concepts. Self-care rituals improve body image and they’re important to our physical health, but it’s easy to forget that they can have a profound effect on your mental health too!

For example, if you stop doing them regularly because you don’t believe in yourself or your worthiness (even just for a short period of time), it’ll set you back pretty quickly: stress levels will spike and your energy levels will drop.

The Role Of Self-Care In Improving Body Image

Self-care rituals are the small, thoughtful things we do to take good care of our bodies. They should be gentle and non-jarring — not painful or stressful.

These little daily self-care rituals for your body can help boost your confidence and improve your self-image. Here are a few ideas to try

Ritual #1 Use Hair Oils

If you have straight hair, your hair can become dry and brittle if you don’t take good care of it.

One way to take better care of your hair is to use natural jojoba oil for hair after washing. This will keep your hair soft and smooth, while also preventing breakages.

Try applying the oil onto a piece of clean cotton before massaging it into your scalp and hair shafts. You may wish to cover your pillow with a towel at night to avoid getting oil on the bedsheets.

Ritual #2 Use Essential Oils Around The House

Essential oils are wonderful. They help with a wide array of stress-related problems, such as lack of focus and memory, headaches, and mood problems. Different scents have different properties, so you can find one that works best.

Try putting some in a diffuser and breathing it in while you’re having a break or when you’re winding down at night. You can also add it to your bath or use it as a topical treatment instead (try using organic coconut oil if you go this route).

Ritual #3 Make Time To Meditate

Another wonderful way to improve your body image and self-esteem is meditation. It’s a wonderful way to de-stress, but it can make you feel better in general as well. 

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It can help combat depression and anxiety, while improving your sense of self in many ways. Meditation is also a great way to boost your energy levels and stop worrying so much.

Ritual #4 Drink Decaffeinated Coffee

If you drink coffee regularly, you may know that it makes you feel super jittery and agitated for a few hours. It can also cause a lot of stress, even if it doesn’t make you feel jittery or anxious.

Try drinking decaf instead – it’s similar to regular coffee but without the jitters. You’ll still have your caffeine boost, but without feeling as stressed about it when you’re done having your coffee.

Ritual #5 Eat At The Same Time Every Day

Feeling stressed out can make you want to eat. You may also feel like your appetite is changing. The problem with eating at odd hours is that it can really disrupt your body’s natural rhythm, which is important for everything from your immune system to your body’s ability to process certain vitamins and minerals.

Eat a decent breakfast every morning and eat at the same time, if you struggle in the mornings then simply eat the same thing and remove choice options. Your body will adjust to this timing easily, and you’ll start feeling healthier.