6 Common Errors with Planning Golf Vacations and How to Avoid Them

Golfing is a highly popular sport, and plenty of people dream of the perfect vacation to spend hours on the fairway. Golfing with friends can be the perfect fusion of extreme luxury and fun.

In order to have the best golfing experience, it’s crucial that you look into the common errors with planning golf vacations. But what are these errors? Let’s find out!

1. Not Booking in Advance


Book as early as possible in order to get the best availability and pricing. Doing so allows for more flexibility when it comes to travel dates.

Waiting to book at the last minute can be costly and lead to increased prices and unavailable tee times. To avoid this, the best practice is to book the vacation as soon as possible and no later than two weeks before the desired travel dates. Make sure to also research and read golf course ratings to ensure you’re booking the best one available!

2. Not Bringing the Right Equipment

While golf clubs and balls may seem like obvious items to bring for golf, many players forget about items like extra tees and wet towels for cleaning off their clubs in between holes. Even more experienced players can forget the sunscreen, extra golf balls, bug repellent, water, snacks, and repair tools.

To avoid this mistake, making a golf gear checklist of all the items needed is important.

3. Going at the Wrong Time of Day

Golf courses tend to be busiest during the morning and evenings as avid golfers wish to get some rounds in before or after work. Going at the wrong time of day can lead to overcrowded courses, slow-paced play, and long wait times, making for an unpleasant experience.

To avoid this, plan your golf vacation around the course’s peak hours. Check their online website and inquire with the staff to chart out a schedule of quieter times to ensure a more enjoyable and efficient experience.

Trolling For Golf Balls

4. Not Being Prepared for Extra Expenses

Not being prepared for extra expenses is another common error when planning golf vacations. As such, it is important to plan ahead and become familiar with expected associated costs that one might encounter during the trip, including hotel fees, food, golf course fees, and cart rentals.

To avoid being caught off-guard, it is essential to get quotes from each of the courses in advance to determine the price of each.

5. Bringing Non-Golfers

Consider not only the golfers on the trip but also the nongolfers who may be joining.

To avoid these errors, research family-friendly activities ahead of time, consider what nongolfers will prefer to do, and keep a budget separate for things that solely serve the nongolfers.

6. Golfing Too Much

Often, people get so caught up in getting into the perfect course that they end up with golfing marathons. This can be exhausting.

To avoid this, it’s important to plan out the golfing in a way that allows plenty of time to take in the surrounding culture and sightseeing.

Tips for Beginners

Avoid These Errors With Planning Golf Vacations Today

When planning your dream golf vacation, it is important to plan ahead, research the right destination, check forecasts, and understand the associated costs. Common errors with planning golf vacations can be avoided by using these simple tips, making your golf vacation worry-free. Plan ahead and book your golf trip today!

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