9 Foods to Avoid After Nose Piercing

Foods to avoid after nose piercing is a crucial step to get your pierced nose healthy and healed.

Getting your nose pierced is a nice way to look good. Every girl wants to get her nose pierced and wear different nose jewelry. You may take your cosmetics to the next level by doing this. 

But!!! It’s hard to get your nose pierced. Nose piercing causes some discomfort during the procedure, but the care you give your nose thereafter is crucial.  You should stay away from  numerous foods at the beginning of your nose piercing that can create difficulties in your nose, and stick to proper procedures when caring for your nose.

So, you guys! Tensed about what are the foods to avoid after nose piercing and why? Alright, let’s go. We’ll explain all the foods you shouldn’t eat after getting your nose pierced, along with the reasons why.

So let’s scroll together!!!

Foods to Avoid After Nose Piercing

There are some dietary restrictions in your daily meal when you get your nose pierced. Many foods cause irritation in your pierced nose and can delay your healing process. Therefore, it is imperative to be aware of the foods that can contribute to these issues and should be avoided. 

Details are as follows:

Foods To Avoid Examples
Hot Beverage Flat White, Cortado, Gibraltar, Breve, Latte, Americano, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Pour Over Coffee, or Moka Pot Coffee.
Tobacco Cigarettes, Cigars,  Kreteks And Bidis
Acidic  Citrus Fruits, Vinegar, Tomato, Plum, High-Sodium Processed Foods, Carbonated Beverages, Such as Seltzer, Soda, Or Spritzers.
Sour Foods Lemons, Lime, Oranges, Grapefruit. Kimchi, Tamarind. Gooseberries, Cranberries, Pineapple, Any Types Of Pickles
Spicy Foods Salsa, Jalapeno, Tabasco, Spicy Grilled Salmon Kabobs, Spicy Southwest Bean, Hot & Spicy Francheezie, Green Chile Omelet, Chorizo Potato, Bacon Flatbread, Corn Salad, Chicken Paprikash and Som Tam
Caffeine Coffee Beans. Tea Leaves. Kola Nuts, Cocoa Beans
Sugary Foods Sweets, Cakes, Ice Cream,  Chocolate, Pastries,  Some Fizzy Drinks And Juice Drinks
Crunchy Foods Popcorn, Potato Chips, Chocolate Chunks, Glorified Trail Mix, Nuts and Peanuts.
Alcohol Beer, whisky, wine, kombucha tea

Top Foods to Avoid After Nose Piercing

1. Spicy Foods: Spicy foods are not a good option when you get your nose pierced. You should stay away from spicy foods for a few weeks after getting your nose pierced

If you have a nose piercing, you might want to avoid spicy meals like jalapeno, tabasco, salsa, Spicy Grilled Salmon Kabobs, Hot & Spicy Francheezie, Chorizo Potato & Green Chile Omelet, Bacon Flatbread, Spicy Southwest Bean & Corn Salad, Chicken Paprikash, som tam, etc.  

If you don’t know what spicy foods to avoid, you can look for “spicy foods to avoid” to find out. Spicy foods can make your mouth, throat, and stomach hurt, as well as other parts of your body.

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  • The spices can irritate the piercing place
  • The spices slow down the healing process. 
  • Spicy foods can induce inflammation.
  • The heat could irritate the mucous membrane  and cause irritation.
  • Increase the sensitivity of your nose piercing. 
  • Resulting in a nosebleed or other issues.

Solution:  You can have these foods after seven days of your nose piercing. And you can cook these foods with little spices. Try to avoid no or little spices and make these dishes a neutral taste to try during nose piercing.

2. Hot Liquids:  

If you just got your nose pierced at the hospital, you probably want something warm and soothing to eat or drink. Hot tea, hot chocolate, and hot coffee all sound like very soothing drinks. Before you eat, you should know that there are some foods to avoid after nose piercing.  

Tea, coffee, and soup can also hurt your nose piercing, so it’s best to stay away from them. You should stay away from espresso drinks like Flat White, Cortado, Macchiato, Gibraltar, Latte, Breve, Cappuccino, Americano, and Pumpkin Spice Latte, as well as coffees like Pour Over Coffee, Spanish Coffee, and Moka Pot Coffee. Milk, hot chocolate, and masala tea are some others.

For the first few days of piercing, it’s best not to drink or eat anything hot.


  • Hot beverages can mess up your new piercing.
  • Your nose may enlarge when exposed to hot drinks. 
  • Your piercing could reopen as a result of the steam. 

Solution: What should you, therefore, eat or drink? Your piercing will feel better and heal faster if you drink cold beverages like iced tea. To lessen the discomfort of your piercing, you can also have a lot of ice or pack ice in a cup. Make sure there is no steam in any hot beverages you intend to consume.

3. Alcohol: Try to avoid drinking alcohol for at least the first few days of the nose piercing. As alcohol is not good for health, it may cause many health problems during nose piercing. You can avoid vodka, whisky, tequila, beer, wine, cider, singani, mojito, whisky sour, negroni, etc.


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  • Alcohol can thin your blood
  • Increase the chance of bleeding around the piercing 
  • Irritate a fresh nose piercing. 
  • Because alcohol dehydrates the epidermis, it could be difficult to keep the wound wet and encourage quick healing.
  • It could result in long-lasting discoloration of the newly created skin around the piercing. 
  • Increase bleeding excessively.

Solution:  You can drink alcoholic drinks after a few days after the nose piercing. Strictly avoid it for the first 3 days after your nose surgery.

4. Sugary Food: If you just got your nose pierced, you shouldn’t eat sugary meals. It results in some health issues. You must watch what you consume if you’re trying to heal a piercing. Before getting a piercing, it’s vital to stay away from sweet or starchy meals.

Eating sweet foods in the first few days after getting a piercing can extend the life of the piercing. Desserts you have to avoid, such as ice cream, pastries, cookies, candy, cakes, and cookies, as well as pies and cobblers, etc. Doughnuts, pastries, and sweet rolls are also mentioned.


  • Sugar can cause infection
  • Sugary food can surely hurt your healing process. 
  • It potentially prolongs the life of your piercing
  • And it can also irritation
  • If you eat sugary foods, it can increase the recovery time of  your nose piercing.
  • Causes soreness

Solution: Please stricktly stay away from foods containing high sugar for the first few weeks after having your nose pierced.

5. Acidic and Sour Foods

The recovery period following a nose piercing is significantly shorter than the recovery period following a surgical procedure. This is due to the fact that the epidermis around the piercing is less damaged. 

Foods to avoid after  nose piercing are acidic and sour foods are a must. Acidic foods such as citrus fruits and vinegar, tomato, plum, high-sodium processed foods, and carbonated beverages, such as soda, seltzer, or spritzers. Sour foods to avoid, such as lemons, lime, oranges, grapefruit, Kimchi, Tamarind, Citrus fruits, Gooseberries, Cranberries, etc.


  • It can cause the piercing to itch
  • Can aggravate a fresh piercing
  • Creates swelling near the piercing site
  • High consumption of sour foods might lead to infection and 
  • Cause pain at the affected site.
  • Resulting in a longer time for the piercing to heal.

Solution: Try to avoid these kinds of foods, especially more acidic and sour foods. Any type of pickles is strictly prohibited in the period of healing nose piercing.

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6. Tobacco: Nose piercing is a type of wound. So, you should be cautious about the foods that have to be avoided for wound healing, like nose piercing. As tobacco adversely affects wound healing, it is a very bad option to use after a nose piercing.

You should strictly avoid cigarettes, hookah, cigars, kreteks, bidis pipes, and e-cigarettes


  • Adversely impact wound healing as nose piercing
  • Increase the risk of infection
  • Cause infection
  • Can slow down the healing process
  • Distorts a patient’s immune system 

Solution: Avoid using tobacco during the period of your nose piercing

7. Processed and Crunchy Foods

Do you know what foods to avoid after nose piercing? Even the smallest of things can be painful for some people. Nuts and peanuts are examples of crunchy foods that should be avoided for this reason. Additionally, you should stay away from processed and crunchier meals like Glorified trail mix, Crispy Chickpeas, Chocolate Chunks, Dried Fruit, and Sweet Potato Chips.


  • Slow down the recovery process
  • Can swell up
  • These foods can irritate the area 
  • Cause pain. 

Solution: Taste these foods after some days of your nose piercing. If your nose is still soft or messy, you should avoid it.

8. Caffeine: Caffeine is very bad for health as well as any type of wound healing. As nose piercing is a kind of wound, using caffeine should be strictly avoided. 

The forms of caffeine are cocoa beans, kola nuts, tea leaves, and coffee beans are on the list of your foods to avoid after nose piercing.

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  • Caffeine can cause dehydration
  • It can prolong the healing process. 
  • Lessens the body’s ability to deliver crucial nutrients for recovery after piercing
  • Decreases immune system immune system 

Solution: Please stay away from any kinds of caffeine products for the first few weeks after getting your nose pierced.

9. Big-Size Foods: If you have a piercing in your nose, you should steer clear of certain foods. For instance, consuming large portions of food can result in bodily harm. In other words, eating big-size foods can cause physical harm.


  • The cartilage in your nose will become more fragile when the tissue is stretched during the piercing. The cartilage binds the nasal septum to the nasal cavity. In other words, the connective tissue between your nostrils will expand after getting a nose piercing. Nose-piercing cartilage is delicate and easily torn if overstretched. If this occurs, you will need to get the piercing surgically removed.

Solution: When getting your nose pierced and while the healing process is ongoing, it is important that you refrain from eating anything that is too large. To protect your body from injury, try chewing more slowly, selecting foods with smaller portion sizes, or reducing the amount of food you consume with each mouthful.

What Are the Less-Restricted Foods To Avoid After Nose Piercing?

  • Dairy Products: Consuming dairy products has been shown to produce an increase in mucus production, which can ultimately result in an infection. After getting your nose pierced, you should stay away from dairy products for the first few weeks. So please avoid butter, yogurt, milk, fermented food, cheese, custard, and cream.
  • Fried Foods: Consuming fried foods may increase inflammation and make the healing process take longer. After getting your nose pierced, you should stay away from fried meals for the first few weeks.
  • Sticky or Chewy Foods: Sticky or chewy foods such as gum, caramel, and gummy candy can irritate or infect the piercing if they become stuck in the hole.
  • Sea Foods: These foods are not suitable for all. People having allergies must avoid these foods. It can cause inflammation in the fresh piercing and may slow the healing process. So, if you are an allergic person, try to avoid these foods for some days during your nose piercing.
  • Carbonated Drinks: Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, and Sprite are on the list of these types of drinks. The bubbles of the drinks can irritate the piercing. And it also causes little inflammation. So try to avoid it at least 3 days after your nose piercing.

These foods are not major that you should avoid during nose piercing. By taking these foods, some face problems, but some are not. So, if you have not faced any healing or recovery problems with these foods, you may take these foods but in a small amount.


What Foods Are Safe to Eat After Getting Your Nose Pierced?

Maintaining food habits and avoiding forbidden foods are very necessary to completely heal your pierced nose. Remember that a newly pierced nose is like an open wound, and what you eat and drink may impact how quickly it heals.

Consider drinking cool water, eating ice cream, or consuming other chilled foods to reduce swelling and get a healed piercing.

In addition, the following foods are safe to eat:

Chicken broth. 
Healthy fats. 
Vitamins and minerals
Liver products
Red meat. 
Whole-grain bread
Iron and zinc

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How Can I Understand My Pierced Nose Is Getting Healed?

After a few days following the piercing, the incision is gradually healing. If you experience any difficulties during the piercing process, you will observe that the inflammation and irritation will disappear when it’s getting healed.

There are some obvious signs of a healed nose piercing include:

A clear reduction in redness at the piercing site
The edema is totally removed 
Decrease in discomfort while your piercing mends. 
It’s also important to pay attention to the development of lymph fluid, a whitish or clear discharge. If any lymph fluid is developed, it will be healed soon.
No swelling will happen when it is getting healed.
You’ll feel reduced sensitivity and irritation at the piercing site as the healing process advances.

When will my pierced nose be Completely Recovered?

However, recovery doesn’t happen as quickly. A piercing requires several weeks, and sometimes even a few months, to heal completely. In about 2 to 4 weeks or a few months (approximately 2 to 4 months), pierced nostrils fully recover. 

It’s up to you how long it takes for your nose piercing to heal fully. If you stay away from the forbidden foods and follow the hygiene steps properly, and if you can keep your nose piercing free of infections, it will be fully healed in a few weeks without any problems.

When Can I Go Back to My Regular Eating Schedule?

Restricted foods should be avoided for at least the first two to three weeks following a nose piercing or until the piercing has completely recovered.

You can go back to your regular dietary schedule after a few weeks or a few months. Actually, It’s up to you totally. If you properly take care of your piercing nose, you can eat normally in a few weeks.

What Are the Tips To Keep My Piercing Infection-Free And Healthy?

Follow the following steps to take care of your pierced nose until its completely healed:

1. Before you touch the piercing or your nose jewelry, wash your hands.
2. A saline-soaked cotton pad can be used to gently clean your nose. Use a clean paper towel to pat the area dry.
3. Don’t use antibacterial creams on the area.
4. Don’t move your nose ring until it’s completely fixed.
5. Don’t touch the piercing unless you’re cleaning it with hands that have just been washed. If you do, you might introduce germs and get an infection.
6. You should also leave the original item in place until the piercing has healed. If you switch out your jewelry, you could get sick. Also, you risk closing up the hole you used to pierce the skin.
7. Use clean sheets to sleep on.
8. Shower instead of taking a bath.
9. Don’t get in any water that might be dirty until your nose heals. Don’t go near swimming pools, lakes, rivers, or hot tubs.
10. If you don’t treat an infection from a nose piercing, it can hurt your nose and cause a lot of other problems, like making it hard to breathe and changing the shape of your nose.

How Can I Clean My Pierced Skin?

The first step in caring for a nose pierce is to clean it. Your piercer will advise you to use a liquid rinse twice a day at least. You could also use a sea salt rinse you make yourself or even tea tree oil if your nostrils are very sensitive.

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You’ll need the mentioned stuff to clean your nose piercing:

1. A sea salt soak or a salt rinse
2. Balls of cotton
3. Bulky tissue paper or cotton cloths, because thin materials can fall apart and get stuck on the jewelry.

Follow the following steps:

1. Firstly, wash your hands thoroughly with clean water.
2. Secondly, take cotton balls and dip them into the rinsing solution or saline solution.
3. Then smoothly wash around the piercing site and try to move the nose jewelry that is present in your piercing so that the nose jewelry is not stuck into one place and can be comfortable.
4. You should do these cleaning procedures twice per day.
5. Get in touch with your piercing professional or a doctor if you experience any issues related to swelling or infection.


There are numerous foods to avoid after nose piercing is a must to get your pierced nose perfectly healed. Seafood, dairy products, spicy and acidic foods, alcoholic beverages, hot drinks, crunchy foods and many of the other items on the above list should be avoided to ensure adequate healing of a recently pierced nose.

But!!! It’s important to take precautions to protect your piercing nose in addition to meeting dietary restrictions. To ensure the health of your piercing and speed up the recovery time, you should practice good hygiene.

There is no reason to doubt that you will be able to get your nose pierced safely and enjoy your jewelry if you adhere to the food restrictions and aftercare instructions we have provided.

Take care, and stay stylish!