Find Out Your Compensation Rights Before You Plan your Holidays

Surely, we have all encountered delays on a flight to or from Europe. Spending hours at the airport and on the plane and contending with jet lag are already tiring enough. You may get EU flight compensation as a passenger travelling through Europe.

You can be qualified for EU flight compensation if you’re flying with an EU airline or one that took off from a European airport regardless of being an EU airline or not. Here is a short film that explains your compensation rights as a passenger in the event of delays, cancellations, denials of boarding, or missing connections.

Click2Refund is a flight delay compensation company that fights for compensation on behalf of passengers when they have any inbound, outbound, or transfer issues in Europe. Click2Refund is committed to defending airline passenger rights.

You don’t have to take on the airlines alone if you’ve had a flight delay, cancellation, missed connection, or boarding refusal because Click2Refund handles all the required legal paperwork. Airlines have a reputation for delaying the process and rejecting or dismissing specific charges of mismanagement. They are hoping you will become overwhelmed or forget about your losses.

If you are not so fortunate enough to experience problems with your flight, you should ensure that you receive the right care and compensation. Read on to learn more about the coverage provided by the airline and your travel insurance.

Do I have compensation rights for flight delays?

flight delays

The European Regulation on Air Passenger Rights (EC 261/2004) establishes compensation guidelines to safeguard passengers’ rights if a flight is postponed, cancelled, or overbooked. If you encounter delays, missing connections, denial of boarding, or outright cancellations, you can be eligible for EU 261 compensation of up to 600 EUR per passenger.

Your eligibility for compensation in the event of a delayed flight is determined by the length of the delay. To be eligible for compensation, you must arrive at your destination at least three hours late compared to the scheduled time. If your travel requires a connection and your first flight is delayed but you still arrive at your destination in less than three hours, you won’t be entitled to compensation.

What to do if my flight gets cancelled?

If your flight on an EU airline is cancelled and you’re travelling out of or into a European airport, you can receive a full refund or take a different aircraft to your destination.

You are also entitled to a “care package” from your airline if a cancelled flight leaves you stranded, which often includes food and beverages, access to phone calls, and, if necessary, overnight lodging.

Compensation for cancelled flights within Europe

You may also seek compensation under Regulation (EC) 261/2004 if your flight is cancelled less than 14 days before the scheduled departure.

If a flight is cancelled, you can take a replacement flight to your final destination, a return trip to the point of departure. In addition, you are entitled to compensation (including additional flights in the same booking as this is also considered a delay).

If you take a substitute flight, you also have the legal right to assistance if it causes you two or more hours of delay and compensation if it causes you three or more hours of delay (see above about delays).

cancelled flights

If no replacement flight is provided, you are still entitled to compensation ranging from 250 to 600 euros plus a refund for your itinerary

In addition to rerouting or refunding, you would be entitled to more money if your flight was cancelled with less than 7 days to go, reflecting the additional inconvenience compared to 7 to 14 days.

Compensation in case of replacement flights

Your airline still has to offer you food, drink, and lodging if you require it, even if you take a different flight.

If you aren’t given vouchers at the airport for these expenses, save your receipts so you can later submit a claim to the airline. It’s generally best not to spend the night in 5-star luxury and indulge in the finest champagne because you may only claim for “reasonable” expenses.

What happens if my vacation is packaged?

The Air Travel Organiser’s Licence (ATOL) scheme will cover you if your cancelled flight was a component of a package vacation and your travel agent is obligated to take care of you.

You will be given a choice to reschedule the same vacation at the same price if it becomes available if your outbound flight is impacted.

Your travel company will pay for any additional expenses, such as lodging, and will arrange for you to board a trip home as soon as possible if your return flight is cancelled.

flight is cancelled or delayed

How do I claim compensation if my flight is cancelled or delayed?

To receive compensation, you must file a claim. This can be done by contacting the airline’s customer service line. However, it is important to note that the legal aspects involved may prove challenging for individuals who are not familiar with the relevant laws and regulations. It is not uncommon for airlines to have large legal teams who may attempt to dismiss your claim, which can add further complexity to the process. You can always get the Civil Aviation Authorities or National Enforcement Bodies involved or hire a lawyer if you have trouble with your claim.

The best option is to submit a claim through Click2Refund, one of Europe’s top businesses providing flight delay compensation.

Your queries will be answered by a helpful team and informed at every stage. Payment is only necessary once Click2Refund wins your case.

You should see if any of your flights that were delayed, cancelled, or overbooked during the last six years are entitled to compensation. You never know what treasure chest may be hiding out there. Just claim what is yours!